Create your own audio CDs Using iTunes ®

To make your own CD, you need:

- A disc drive that can burn CDs.

- A blank CD. If you plan to play the CD on a consumer CD player (not only on a computer), you need to use a blank CD-R disc, not a CD-RW disc.

- An iTunes playlist containing the songs you want on the CD.

You can fit about 74 minutes of music (about 20 songs) on a 650 MB CD-R disc. Some discs can contain 80 minutes (700 MB) of music. (You can see the size of the selected playlist at the bottom of the iTunes window.)

When you burn a CD, iTunes automatically adjusts the recording speed to the blank CD’s rating. However, if your blank CD is rated for a slower speed than the maximum speed of your drive, or if you experience problems creating CDs, you may want to change the CD recording speed to match the CD’s rating.


To create an audio CD:

1.Select or create a playlist containing the songs you want to burn to the CD; make sure the songs you want to include have a checkmark beside them. 

2. Insert a blank disc.

3. Choose File > “Burn Playlist to Disc.”

If “Burn Playlist to Disc” doesn’t appear in the menu, it means that the playlist you selected can’t be burned to a CD because it contains items with usage restrictions.

4. Select Audio CD as the Disc Format.

5. Choose your options: 

- To change the CD recording speed, choose an option from the Preferred Speed pop-up menu.

- To change the length of the silence between songs, choose an option from the Gap Between Songs pop-up menu.

  - To have all the songs on the CD play at the same volume, select Use Sound Check.

- To include information that CD players in some vehicles can display, select Include CD Text.

 6. Click Burn.



ClickMix One-Click CD Burning Help

Digital Downloads are the best way to get all of your new Fitness Music. Once you have completed the Download Process we wanted to make getting your New Music onto CD easier than ever before. That is why we created the world's first Gapless One-Click-CD Burner.

We don't want anyone to be intimidated by complicated downloading procedures or multi-step CD Burning programs. Getting your Download onto CD and into your class room is now easy and painless.

The Burning process begins when you have completed a Power Music Download. Afer you locate your new Download you are only a couple of Clicks away from a Gapless CD.

Step 1 - Insert a Blank CD-R into your Computers CD Burning Drive.

Step 2 - Open the folder you just Downloaded and Click on the One-Click-CD Burner. The Burner will launch a new window where you can review your Tracks, Click "Next."

Step 3 - Click "Burn."

It is that EASY!

You now have a Gapless CD and are ready for another amazing Class.

About Blank CD-Rs
To ensure that you have a smooth experience when Burning to CD we recommend using High-Quality Taiyo Yuden CD-R's. In our tests these CD-R's provided the most consistent positive results. We've bundled 5 CD-R's into a convenient Pack that you can purchase HERE.

Still Need Help?
Our friendly Customer Service is dedicated to helping you through the Burning process. We feel that Downloading is the Best way to get Music from Power Music. If you are still having difficulties please contact our Customer Service:
1-800-777-BEAT (2328)